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Using a London Job Agency

There are a number of London job agency options to choose from across the capital. Many London job agency companies specialise in areas such as factory work or the hospitality industry, there are also a lot of London job agency companies specialising in office work. If youre after a temporary job there will be a London job agency focused on that particular area — name a sector and there will be job agency in London somewhere that specializes in that sector.

  • Make a London job agency your first port of call — A job agency in London will often hear about jobs that are not advertised publicly. A London job agency could be your first and only stop.
  • Make a good impression on the London job agency — Many London job agency companies have long term relationships with their clients and if the London job agency likes you, the job could be half yours already as they will trust the London job agency’s judgement.

If you want a job in a rush then a London job agency will no doubt be able to fix you up immediately — London job agencies will have access to hundreds of jobs that need filling right away.

Getting paid by a London job agency

A London job agency will also look after your pay and holiday if it’s a temp job. Quite often a London job agency will pay you weekly.

Keeping in touch with a London job agency

If a London job agency simply found you the job before passing you over to the employer, that is most likely the last contact you will have with the London job agency. Although next time you look for a job, perhaps you will try that same London job agency again, if they gave you a good service. A good London job agency is always aware that repeat business is a benefit to their business.

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Crone Corkill are an honest, confidential, London job agency specialising in secretarial, admin, PA and office jobs.

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