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London to Gatwick airport transfers

Looking for an airport transfer between London and Gatwick Airport? At easyBus, we’ll get you from A to B quickly and efficiently, and for the best price!

REMEMBER! The earlier you book with easyBus online before your travel date, the more you can save! You can also buy tickets from the easyBus driver when boarding at Gatwick or London departure points; though tickets will cost considerably more than booking online in advance.

Gatwick airport to/from Waterloo

airport london gatwickThe journey from Waterloo station to Gatwick airport is a direct one when you travel with easyBus. This means that the journey will only take you about 1 hour 5 minutes; and with bus services runПing every 15 to 20 minutes, our service is as convenient as possible for tourists looking to get from London to Gatwick promptly and efficiently.

Serving as the gateway for large swathes of South London and the South of England, Waterloo train station is one of the busiest railway stations in Britain. Its location and size make it an ideal stop for many holidaymakers on their way to Gatwick airport.

Gatwick airport to/from Victoria

airport london gatwickTeaming up with National Express, we now offer a service between Gatwick airport and London Victoria Coach Station, taking between 1 hour 25 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes to deposit passengers at their destination.

As the largest coach station in London, Victoria Coach Station is an ideal spot for travellers to transfer from one leg of their trip to another; and now that we’ve teamed up with National Express, it’s that much easier, not to mention more efficient, to get a bus to Gatwick.

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Due to the shared nature of this service, the specific locations of the stops on this service are different to other easyBus services. More specifically:

  • When boarding at Victoria coach station, look for National Express coach A3 or O25, which should be situated in Bay 8 or Bay 9
  • When embarking from Gatwick airport, look out for the National Express coach A3 or O25, at Stop 3 of Gatwick Airport South Terminal

airport london gatwick

Gatwick airport to/from Earls Court (West Brompton)

airport london gatwickGatwick airport transfers from Central London can be easily facilitated by our Gatwick airport to Earls Court service. The journey itself is direct, and takes approximately 1 hour 5 minutes, with the service runПing every 15 to 20 minutes.

From London, the service continues runПing all the way from 3 am to 11 pm; while it runs from 3 am to 11 pm from Gatwick.

Our Earl’s Court drop-off and pick-up locations are both located on Lillie road, for optimum convenience; and passengers have the choice of Gatwick’s North and South terminals, ensuring that they waste as little time as possible wandering the corridors of Gatwick airport!

Don’t worry if your flight arrives early or late!

Don’t worry if your flight arrives early or late, you may use the same ticket at no extra cost to travel on the next available Gatwick airport transfer bus, up to 60 minutes either side of your booked time.

Please note that we cannot always guarantee that there will be spare seats, especially at busy times, since passengers travelling on their booked service have their seats reserved; and will therefore be embarked first. For passengers travelling from London to Gatwick airport, we strongly recommend travelling on the service for which you are booked, as it is not always possible to transfer to an alternative.

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Normal ticket desk fares would be chargeable outside of the 60 minute time period specified in the policy.

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