airport london heathrow arrivals

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airport london heathrow arrivals

Mark asks…

Heathrow lost luggage – has this happened to anyone? what did you do?

i flew from istanbul to aberdeen, scotland 2 days ago. I went via london heathrow where my bags would have been taken off said istanbul plane and put on aberdeen one. However they haven’t arrived. I have called the baggage line thing 4 times and they cannot tell me where my bag is as it has not been traced and they don’t know, they just keep saying i must wait. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do about it? Surely there has to be some kind of crisis number so i can claim something? My straighteners, make up, perfume, laptop and phone cables and clothes are all in there. What can i do?

No stan, im not stupid. My laptop is not in my checked luggage. The cables to my laptop are.

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

Check the luggage policy of the airline you flew in. Provided you filled a lost/missing luggage form at the airport, they will compensate you with “expenses” for first utility stuff you needed upon arrival, such as a toothbrush, clothes, etc

then after I think 30 days, if it is not recovered you must fill a list of all the items that were included in the suitcase and their value and they will reimburse you (with a maximum amount limited)

check the website of the airline you flew in and do not waste any time, call and call and fill any papers, letters that you should do if you have to.

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Don’t worry too much, luggage is usually recovered within 3 – 4 days max.

airport london heathrow arrivals

urgent help needed about cathay pacific airlines – london heathrow!?

my dad is a pilot for cathay pacific airlines and is meant to be arriving at heathrow airport in london today, my brother and i are meant to be going to see him tomorrow morПing but we cannot get in contact with him but need to check if his flight has even landed or not, does anyone know of a number that i can ring up and ask for the name of the crew members of if it a 747 flight or airbus? answers needed urgently! thanks airport london heathrow arrivals

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

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