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5 Minutes with Wedding Dress Designer Alice Temperley of Temperley London

Every so often, we fall hard for a bridal designer (and that’s saying something for three fashion-obsessed Bride Buzz editors!) and our designer-crush with Alice Temperley of Temperley London has held strong season after beautiful season. So it’s only fair that we re-visit a few glorious minutes we had with the designer and share some of her wedding day wisdom with you: What is one piece of advice you’d give to every bride when choosing her wedding dress? Your husband is marrying you and not the dress? —?it must be a dress that most flatters your assets. It should be comfortable so you look relaxed and happy. How are you gowns different from other wedding dress designers? We offer a younger and more ethereal collection of wedding dresses. People like the fact it’s ethereal and not formal. Weddings and brides should have a feeling of fantasy! What is the most memorable bridal dress that you’ve ever designed and why? My own wedding dress. I actually designed three different styles for myself and then picked my favorite. They all consisted of original Victorian lace panels and 1920s sequins and pearls that I had collected since I was a child. What did your mother’s wedding gown look like? My mother got married in a floral dress in the garden in the countryside. Any tips for young lovers? Laughter. Support. And honesty. Perfect wedding song? “Smile” by Shirley Bassey Ever have to wear an awful bridesmaid’s dress? No. All of my friends have great style?—?thank goodness!

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