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The journey

If you wish to travel from Amsterdam to London, then train seems to be one of the best options available because it covers the entire journey in about less than six hours. Though, there are other mediums like the ferry, bus services and the flights, if one has to go by the most convenient means keeping the time factor in mind, then train travel scores high in these areas except for the flight option. This journey just requires one change at beatuful and historic Brussels and if you plan your trip properly, then there would be no inconveniences at the eleventh hour. The Thalys, Eurostar and the regular train services offer a pleasant and comfortable journey between these two terrific European capitals. The traveller can go for a different of combinations, which include Thalys and Eurostar as well as the regular trains & Eurostar to commute between Amsterdam and London.


One of the fastest options is that of the high speed Thalys and Eurostar as the difference between this option and that of Eurostar and regular intercity trains is roughly of about one and half hours. For the new travellers, it should be noted that the Eurostar requires check-in similar to that of air travel of at least half an hour prior to the departure, primarily due to higher safety prerequisites, as this route involves the journey through Channel tunnel when one takes the train from Brussels to London. The journey can be availed through different classes like the first class and second class depending upon the traveller's budget. The Eurostar also provides first class tickets to the business travellers while the Thalys boasts of the comfort class one. The frequency of Thalys services is pretty good with about one train in every two hours. As mentioned, if one does the bookings in advance then the best and the cheapest prices can be availed. With such good options available to the travellers, the train travel definitely can be called as one of the most popular ways of commuting from Amsterdam to London.

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