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Maps of ancient Italy – Which old Italian chart do you prefer?

July 22th 2010 by Giulia

Let’s discover how Italy was a long time ago! A fascinating photo trip through the old maps of Italy

ancient italy Credits: Raremaps

I don’t know if it’s the same to you, but I find that old maps have a kind of charm I can’t explain. It’s just as if they tell a story which absolutely deserve to be listened. Ancient charts . I feel, give off a reverential power that you cannot pass over.

Furthermore, if you’re a bit curious like me, how could you avoid having a look at an old map if you have it within reach? Well, to satisfy our curiosity, I’ve looked for maps of ancient Italy which show how italy was centuries ago . Enjoy.

Ancient map of Italy – Old map dating back to 1720

ancient italy Credits: Anticoantico

Ancient Map of Pompeii – Old map of Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvio

ancient italy Credits:

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