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Farm Tonolini Tiziano

The farm Tonolini Tiziano burns of ancient rural traditions fulcrum of wisdom and skill in the processing of the grapes and the formation of the wine.

Passion and care in the cultivation of the vineyards enriches the splendid process of wine making which flanked to innovative technologic systems stresses the quality and the singleness of the DOC wines.

From the straw- coloured of the Chardonnay doc to the ruby-red of the Merlot doc and the Cabernet Sauvignon doc with an intersection of fruit, Golden apple, peach, vanilla, bilberry, raspberry and liquorice perfumes.

To pearled and silky texture of clean and dry taste are opposed persistent and harmonic tastes but in the same way full-bodied.

Farm Holidays Mulino Bianco

In the middle of lovely vineyards and expanses of agriculture fields, raises the new farmer house Mulino Bianco- White mill:

The background of the wonderful Morenic hills of the southern Garda Region that accompanied by little light games strengthen the wish after true relaxation and expanded walks in the environment.

Simple atmospheres of rural origins which memory takes back to the richness of the land and to the genuinely of the cultivations.

With little strong gestures of expert hands, typical courses of the Lombardy tradition and especially from the province of Brescia would be taken back. With courses based on meet or lake fish grain and vegetables.

By “the enjoyments of the good kitchen”, revives also the joy of the well drinking.

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The harmonious wines (doc naming) produced by white and dark wine grapes which let arise ancient perfumes of must and wood, these would be wisely placed side by side to tastes of local sausages and cheese.

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