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[Verse 1]

Fourteen kicked out on my own

Ain't shit for a nigga in the world

Cause when you in a single parent home

Money the motive and nigga you ain't thinking bout a girl

When the day turn dark and the night come

The pain cut deep and it might run

Try to hide it all and ya light something

Hoping that the feeling there might numb

But it don't and it won't

Ever ever ever go the fuck away

When you living on the street for another day

Dead broke thinking man its gotta be another way

Tryna get a job but it don't go

Tryna build money when it don't grow

Kinda feel funny when you don't got funds

And you tryna cop a crib its a no go

Find life getting all loco

And your living all low pro

And you still need a roof-in

So you move in with three niggas that you don't know

A little spot downtown

In the city life with a twist

You spending every night getting pissed

And you find the true meaПing of life is a bitch

Black male,black male,young Canadian black male

Living in the motherfucking slum

I figured I would make crack sale

Too bad that didn't work

But being in the back didn't work

And music it wasn't in the plans

Cause everything went wrong pop

And even though I took the long way

I guess I really had to learn the hard way huh, pop

It beats me

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But the hating. can grease me

So I roll the pain in these streets

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