apartments thassos golden beach

Reviews for Emerald Apartments, Golden Beach, Thassos, Greek Islands

apartments thassos golden beach

The Emerald Apartments are situated a few minutes from the beach and on a flat part of the resort(You need to take care when booking at this resort as some accomodations are up very steep hills at the back of the resort).The Emerald is clean, reasonably equipped and the staff are very friendly. Also the bathrooms were above average by Greeks standards.It has a fridge but no Television, pool,bar or lounge. So we rated the facilities below average.We also thought it was expensive for what it had to offer.There was a supermarket and a wonderful but well hidden bakery nearby.

You have to come to the resort of Golden Beach to appreciate how magnificient it is. Words cannot describe it. If you are a beach lover you need look no further.The surrounding scenery is stunПing and there was even a reliable but infrequent bus service. There is a small selection of tavernas which are all much of a muchness and we have certainly been to better resorts in Greece for food.However you can walk to Skala Potamis,it only takes about 20 minutes from the Marina and here you will find a much better selection both of variety and quality,especially along the seafront area before you reach the main centre.We would no go to Skala Potamis for any other reason as the beach is poor and the harbour area and centre rather tacky and commercialised .Also avoid visiting the over advertised Erics bar which is a long walk and in our opinion a complete waste of time.The owner looks like an overweight Eric Cantona which is meant to the draw.(Probably worth a visit if you are a Manchester United fan as they show clips of their past matches all the time)

There are only a couples of bars in Golden Beach and they certainly are not noisy. We occasionally enjoyed a drink at Daves bar(the only place that stayed open after midnight). If you want live entertainment Vigalis put on a show and music on Friday and Saturday eveПings and is well worth a visit for one livier eveПing.(That's all we wanted)

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It is worth going up to the mountain village of Pangnia one eveПing. You can get a bus up around 6 o'clock and get a taxi back which only takes about 5 minutes the way they drive and is cheap.Also Thassos Town is good at night, it gets very hot during the day. If yu want to do any shopping this is the best place on the Island. Again you can get a taxi back which cost 15 Euros.The price goes up after midnight.

We cannot think of a more relaxing resort than Golden Beach in our last 15 years of taking summer holidays.We shall be returПing but may do'some homework' to seek alternative a better value accomodation or one with slightly more on site facilities.

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