arsenal villa score

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Aston Villa vs. Arsenal 2014 Score Delivers EPL Table Rankings Update

arsenal villa score

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Aston Villa vs. Arsenal 2014 (live score results below) takes to the field within the hour for the latest EPL Table battle today. Standings in the English Premier League this season have surprised Arsenal fans. So can the team pick up a big win today?

Today’s Aston Villa vs. Arsenal 2014 game (start time 7 am PST) features number two ranked Aston Villa taking on number seven Arsenal. Arsenal has only two wins in four weeks of games, while Aston Villa has three wins and one draw. Aston overall has three wins, one draw and one loss in their last five games. Arsenal in turn has three draws, one win and one loss. Arsenal is sporting six points compared to Aston with ten.

When asked by his team’s news site this week his thoughts about Roy Keane, defender Alan Hutton said that Roy is credited with the team’s motivation this season. “You know he’ll give you the shot you need to perform and spur you on, it’s not a negative thing. You just have to look at his career. If there’s anything you need to ask he’s the man to go to. Just to have a man like that in your corner is unbelievable.” Hutton added “He’s passionate about the game, so if anyone needs to say anything about the game he’s the man to do it.”

Meantime, what is going wrong with Arsenal? Arsene Wenger says the problem is not Mesut Ozil. Wenger tells his team’s news site “Why should he be a scapegoat? For what? We’ve lost one game since April 1. Let’s be realistic. We have come out of a very difficult preparation period with decisive games. We had very difficult games against Besiktas. I don’t know – a scapegoat for what?”

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Wenger says that his team will get out of the rut soon. “What is difficult to manage is that everybody knows absolutely everything and everybody judges people definitely on one game. You have to accept that football is played by human beings who have ups and downs like you have in your life. You have plenty of tacticians in the world who have managed zero games. You have to accept their opinion – they might be right, they might be wrong as well. They have to accept that.” Wenger added ” We live in a world where everybody has an opinion and we have to live with that. At the end of the day, somebody always has to make a decision and that’s the guy who is responsible.”

When asked about Ozil’s future, Wenger said “(Ozil’s best position) is a secondary debate in my opinion because he has freedom to play when we have the ball and go where he wants. If you look at the heat map where he plays, you will be amazed where he is all over the pitch. We have to find a balance between attacking and defending, that is why it is not an easy subject.” For live score results today click HERE .

arsenal villa score

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