art exhibitions london 2014

art exhibitions london 2014

Kilburn Grange Art Exhibition 2014

We are very please to be curating this multimedia art heritage exhibition. We’re currently setting up the unique space – a venue built inart exhibitions london 2014 the centre of Kilburn Grange park, known locally as the ‘park hut’.

My foreword to the exhibition:

Kilburn Grange, a park and public space for recreation and reflection, but also a private space with different meaПings to each individual, past and present.  A space to play  football, walk the dog, attend community festivals, a place for young people to congregate, and a quiet spot on a bench for contemplation –  Pilgrims walked past this space on their way to sacred spots in Aylesbury – today people spill into it from the Black Lion pub on a sunny day.

This exhibition celebrates the memories, wishes  and uses of the park in the last 100 years. The art works include installations, film, paintings, illustrations, sculpture, and photography, with a фокус on community engagement, identity and park objects.

The exhibition spaces have been chosen to be as close to the park as possible, The Lodge being inside Kingsgate community centre – an important and valued centre for community engagement,  and artistic talent, which backs onto the park…and the Park Hut – in the very heart of Kilburn Grange Park.

Curator, Dalia Zermon – founder of Paint Jam London.

art exhibitions london 2014art exhibitions london 2014

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