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Colleges and Institutes

The University of London is a federal University and is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse universities in the UK. The teaching is carried out by the 17 Colleges and Institutes that comprise the University. When studying with the University you belong to a particular College as well as the University of London itself. This allows students to have access to a wide range of facilities and services.

The Colleges are self-goverПing and they are considered as individual institutions when it comes to making an application to study. They set their own entrance criteria and in some cases have their own degree awarding powers. Many are known the world over as centres of excellence. London colleges often feature very highly in any UK university ranking tables.

Between the Colleges and Institutes we have over 120,000 students studying over 3,700 courses. Not all of our students are actually located in London either; some study at the University of London Institute in Paris and we have over 54,000 students studying by distance and flexible learПing, in 180 countries, with the University of London International Programmes.

Once you have chosen the College, or Colleges, you wish to apply to study with you should contact them directly for full information. To help find the right College for your needs please use the course search facility and visit the College pages. If you need any assistance please contact the University of London’s Student Advice Centre. You can also order a printed Guide to the University or prospectuses for the University of London International Programmes.

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University of London Guide

The University of London publishes a Guide to the Colleges and Institutes, which provides a description of the Colleges, the School of Advanced Study and the University of London International Programmes. The Guide also includes information about other University of London services and activities.

If you would like to be posted a copy of the Guide to the Colleges and Institutes please complete our online form art london university.

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