balatonfured hungary


Balatonfured is a small town on the north shore of Lake Balaton, near the picturesque Tihany peninsula, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by 13 000 citizens. Even in XVIII century this town was famous for its mineral spring, and in 1971 it was recognized as the first mineral resort town in Hungary.

Even 200 years ago Balatonfured was famous for its coal-acidic springs, which are now successfully used for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases all over the world. That time many noblemen and rich people visited Balatonfured for rest and relax As a result the town was gradually becoming an important social and cultural center of Hungary. Even now many mansions and huge, spacious houses, built over 100 years ago, still remain. By the way, it will not be difficult to find a suitable accommodation, holiday home or rent a cottage in Balatonfured.

In 1846 in Balatonfured the first steamboat was launched, besides that the very first yachts in the region were built here. Nowadays sailing regattas are taking place in Balatonfured every year. The most famous one is called <<Blue Band>>. And if you swim well, you will definitely like 3,6 kilometer race. Swimmers are invited to overcome the distance of the specified length between Balatonfured town and Tihany peninsula.

Among the attractions Lujza Blaha hotel, holiday house of Mor Jokai and Lajos Loczy cave, should be mentioned.

And till 1922 a famous Indian poet- Rabindranath Tagore lived and creatively worked in Balatonfured. To commemorate this person, citizens have created an alley and named it in his honor. Today, this alley is one of the busiest places in Balatonfured. There are many restaurants and cafes along the alley, where you can taste various dishes of Hungarian cuisine and drink fine Hungarian wine.

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