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Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has designed many iconic collections for luxury furniture brand B&B Italia. including the Bend Sofa in 2010 and Tufty-Time in 2005. Since B&B Italia’s decision to enter the outdoor furniture market in 2007, Patricia Urquiola has had the chance to explore and experiment with a different set of materials and conditions. The range now includes the Canasta collection inspired by the traditional open weave used in the Philippines and Crinoline. a series of chairs that explore three-dimensional textures and patterns using polyethylene fibre.

Now Urquiola has expanded the Husk collection first launched last year. The new Husk diПing chair, armchair and side table are ideal complements to the indoor Husk collection and are мейд entirely of recycled materials. The production process was designed to ensure all components are easily disassembled, making the chairs simple to recycle and reducing their environmental impact. The well-padded contoured chairs are as comfortable as they look and feature a hard shell мейд of non-toxic plastic and two cushions in a capitonne quilt-inspired design.

To complement the growing outdoor collection last year B&B Italia relaunched one of its classic bestsellers, the Charles modular sofa system, in an outdoor version. Charles-Outdoor keeps the slender L-shaped frame of the original, but has been adapted for outdoor use, with a lightweight aluminium frame and an external surface of open interlacing polypropylene bands and water-resistant surfaces.

While at the Cologne Furniture Fair in January this year B&B Italia’s outdoor collection expanded further to include Naoto Fukasawa’s Papilio, the ‘mini’ for diПing and the ‘grande’ and ‘piccola’ for lounging; the Awa table series also by Fukasawa; and Patricia Urquiola’s Canasta ’13 collection that is a nod to the finely woven textural approach of the designer’s Crinoline collection.

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Words_ Christine Liew

Photography_ All images copyright B&B Italia.

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