bbc london weather 14 days forecast

14 day UK: RemaiПing changeable

Issued Sunday 3rd May 2015

Changeable with showers or longer spells of rain at times.

Bank Holiday Monday: A good deal of dry weather is expected through the day with sunny spells at times. Later in the day cloud is likely to increase in southern counties with outbreaks of rain spreading northwards during the eveПing and night. Feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: An unsettled theme is expected. During Tuesday outbreaks of rain spread northwards and these could be heavy at times. A mix of sunny spells and showers follows on behind and continues through Wednesday. On Thursday the showers may become more scattered with many places remaiПing mostly dry. Temperatures close to the seasonal average.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Unsettled with further showers or more persistent outbreaks of rain at times. The best chance of drier spells is in the south.

Forecast confidence is high but falling to moderate during the second half of the week.

Probably remaiПing quite changeable.

The early part of the week is forecast to be quite unsettled with showers and more persistent spells of rain in the north. The south may be drier and more settled at times. Temperatures probably quite close to the seasonal average but possibly warmer at times in the south.

The favoured outcome is for changeable weather to continue through the second half of the week with further showers or longer periods of rain in all regions. In the south drier and warmer spells may continue.

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Forecast confidence is low.

Through the first week low pressure is expected to remain close to the UK keeping the mostly changeable picture going. High pressure may build across the south during the second half of the week but the northern half of the country probably remains under a westerly flow.

The second week could see high pressure continuing to have more influence in the south with the north remaiПing more changeable under an Atlantic influence.

Global Forecast System (GFS) analysis

The GFS is the computer model which we base our 16 day weather forecasts on.

Points of note

The mostly unsetled or changeable picture continues with showers and longer spells of rain probable, but also drier and brighter spells. Thursday could be mostly dry for the General Election. For a huge range of data see the chart viewer page which provides output from the HIRLAM, CFSv2, GEM, GFS, GEFS, ECM, WW3 and Fax models and works on PCs, tablet computers such as the iPad and smartphones.

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