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Buty Salon UK to top beauty salons in London

Buty Salon UK is one of the prestigious beauty salons in Fulham. The treatments at Buty Salon UK are of the refined kind. The salon London has a longstanding elite clientele. Diverse experience from therapists hired from different walks of life has attuned  Buty Salon UK service. The treatments are of dreamy kind and beautification is ‘fanta – bulous’. A passionate endeavor, Buty Salon UK perfection has earned a common name among some celebrities.

Love for beauty at Buty Salon UK is at par and it stands out as a glamorous beauty salon in Fulham. Also Buty Salon UK is known for its expert systematic booking system comparatively to other beauty salons  in London. And having all the hard workers in mind who are working late and desperately wanting to de – stress than ‘hitting’ a club or a pub –the salon doors are open until 10 pm. Call the hotline and book any one of Buty Salon UK treatments and treat yourself to indulgence of the lavish kind.


When it comes to beauty, no one does it better than Buty Salon.An acclaimed Beauty Salon London. Buty seeks to bring out the perfection that exists in every woman, and has done so constantly over the years. From a variety of treatments, available at affordable prices, feeling the way you should is only a call away. This June, Buty takes away all excuses to be pampered – simply have a Decleor facial, and receive a strip bikini wax completely free!

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A reputed brand with roots in Paris, France, Decleor has been recognized as an expert in the field of of aromatherapy and skincare for the past 30 years. Decleor products have achieved award winПing status, and have been featured in some of the UK’s top magazines. At Buty, the traditional treatment follows the Decleor style – a welcoming diagnostic back massage and facial tailored to the specific nature of your skin, and includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, mask & relaxing face massage. The question is, why stop there? Till the 30 of June 2013, Buty Salon offers the opportunity to choose from a number of strip bikini waxes, which includes the standard bikini wax Fulham, the Brazilian bikini London, the Hollywood Bikini Fulham, and the hot wax bikini. After all, while your face may do all the talking visibly, it’s how you feel underneath that counts!

At Buty, we use only the finest products to make the treatment as safe as possible and highly trained staff members. Your beauty is our priority, and for the best waxing Fulham we cannot be beat! Our waxing treatments are quite affordable, starting from only GBP 16 – the results are priceless. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind offer, call us now on 020 7731 4080 ( Fulham branch) or 020 8748 1247 (Hammersmith branch) and be the perfect woman as you should be!

London’s premier beauty salon, Buty Salon was established in 1994 and has grown tremendously over the years. With fully trained beauty therapists, and a wide range of beauty treatments, Buty promises the one thing that truly matters: your happiness.

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