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Reviewed by Marianne Thurgood

Why Bell’Italia ?

Bell’Italia is an Italian language magazine about all things Italy. It is published monthly. It is subtitled, “discovering the most beautiful country in the world” – and rightly so. It’s all about uncovering the hidden gems of Italy – from restaurants and bars to untouched places of natural beauty.

Its features are dedicated to Italian art, architecture, history, culture, food and wine, and have a фокус of travelling and seeing all the wonderful things that different places in Italy have to offer. You can expect to find information on fantastic places to visit such as museums, art galleries and historical sites. With detailed information on the practicalities of visiting the places as well as some historical and cultural information, and information on travelling around Italy using public transport, Bell’Italia will provide you with all the information you could need.

What’s SO good about Bell’Italia ?

With Bell’Italia you’ll be getting the real Italy. It’s often accompanied by special pamphlets that showcase certain regions of Italy.

Pet Peeves?

If you don’t speak Italian, you will find the content in this magazine a struggle.

Who’s it aimed at?

People that speak Italian or have an interest in travelling around Italy.


Anyone you know who loves Italy!

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