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Brescia Guide Italy

Getting there

Brescia is located half-way between Milan and Venice. >>>

History and culture

Discover the tormented history of the Lioness of Italy. >>>

Churches and Museums

In search of the extraordinary complex of Santa Giulia the two thousand years of history under the city are revealed. >>>

Historical buildings and monuments

From the ancient Romans to its 19th-century atmosphere, the majestic elegance of Brescia’s palazzi will win your heart. >>>

Eating and drinking

Brescian gastronomy is the confluence of the culinary traditions of its plain, mountain and lake regions. And its wine plays a starring role. >>>


Strolling through Brescia’s shopping districts, surrounded by jewelry shops, boutiques and art galleries. >>>

Hotels and lodgings

Brescia offers a broad choice of all categories of hotel. >>>


The glorious history of the Mille Miglia. its exclusive cars and jet-set personalities. >>>

La Dolce Vita

An aperitif in the old town center of a Brescia that’s alive, thousands of appetizers drowned in pirlo . >>>

A special day

Brescia in 24 hours: the city’s "don’t miss" places and monuments. >>>

From Franciacorta to Lake Iseo

A fascinating itinerary that wends it way through vineyards, castles, villas and monasteries to the largest lake island in Europe. >>>

Brescian Lake Garda: the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque

An itinerary along Lake Garda’s noble shore, among patrician villas and botanical gardens that are among the loveliest in Italy. >>>

Photos courtesy of. Provincia di Brescia – Assessorato Turismo, Comune di Brescia – Servizio Turismo

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