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I went here, although the staff were very friendly, everything was hugely overpriced and felt like I was being pushed to buy something. I also went next door for my b.m's and the staff weren't very helpful, they clearly didn't want to be there.

I feel like I have been to loads of shops in MCR.

I had spoken to Fairytale but they don't seem to like larger than a size 12, the lady was nice enough but a little dismissive.

Bride be Lovely in the centre again was for slimmer brides (not sure if they are still open though)

Mia Sposa in the centre were lovely and when I went had a good selection of dresses although I thought they would have more going off what they lady at a wedding fair said.

Esme Bridal in Bury, Nice lovely girl who helped me, and the dresses were pretty, they just didnt have any WOW dresses for me.

The Secret Bridal Boutique on the Rock in Bury. Oooooh they had some NICE dresses, and мейд time for me even though I just walked in. (not many dresses for the curvy size 16 though). My third choice was from here.

Celebration Village had many dresses but they were all a little bit tatty, but good place to go to get an idea of styles, the lady I had was a bit like an aunty who knew better than me..

Bridal Couture Italia in Bolton were lovely and they had the disney dresses I really wanted to try on!

Bridal by Deo, Bolton I ended up getting my bridesmaids dress from here, had some lovely gowns but again, your standerd gowns, nothing wow for me

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There was another one on the same road as the previous two, but I didn't like it so didn't stay.

Lacy Days in Ramsbottom was lovely and had a dress that was in peacock colours. But I had found mine by that point but they had some very pretty dresses.

Bride to be by Hannah Lois in Prestwich had some gorgoues gowns, and Hannah was very helpful and there was no pressure at all.

I eventually got my dress from CHeshire Bridal in Altrincham. Soooo helpful and lovely !

Hope this helps. Enjoy the experience,try different styles and wear a strapless bra and proper pants! bridal italia bolton

(Oh I miss dress shopping)

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