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All aboard the Club Class Party Bus

Fireworks on the Bus

The Club Class Bus has been designed down to the last touch to give you a great night out with your friends or colleagues. Each bus is a double decker with a totally refurbished interior. Out with uncomfortable rows of seats and in with long sofa banquette seating that enables you to banter and laugh as you are transported across town.

Answering Your Questions about the Party Bus Tours

You probably have a load of questions before you can make a booking. Here are the ones we get asked most frequently.

No. We ask for a single deposit that covers the whole booking (?69) and that gets the seats held for you whilst you rally the troops, herd the cats, etc. This deposit goes to the price of the final booking. It is NOT an extra charge.

No. rough numbers is fine and we confirm final numbers with you in the month of travel. We can usually be quite flexible but if you book for 5 and then want to add another 20, it could be a challenge.

No. We have a multi-person payment system so each person can pay their own way. You send them an email which links to their payment receipt and they pay for it online. You can see who has paid and who has not and you can send them reminders to keep everybody on track.

Yes, this is a party bus and we believe that getting people together makes for a better atmosphere and more of a buzz. Imagine walking into an empty bar? Right! We feel the same way. We try to mix groups appropriately so it is fun and there can be some evil banter. If you are a large group you might have the whole bus to yourselves or at least a whole deck!

Yes. We have a «sensible» policy on alcohol. This means we refuse «glass» aboard to protect the bus and more importantly you. But we can accept plastic or tins etc. Sensible means that we ask you to behave properly aboard the vehicle and we will get «arsy» with you if you cause trouble. On the same note, we cannot control door policy at bars and clubs and nothing riles a doorman than drunken ,boorish behaviour.

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Yes. We have stacks of music abourd the buses and most of them have ipod style leads so if you something new and sweet you really want us to hear, bring it with you. If you DO bring something like an iPod or the like, please keep a close eye on it as they seem to go astray very easily.

Umm. ahh. Not usually is the answer. At the end of the tour we leave you at the club and we have found that groups tend to drift home at different times of the night. So the bus becomes rather superfluous. If you plan to return home/hotel/prison all at once, then talk to us about a drop-off.

Usually we we arrange to meet you at a central location. Logistically this makes sense. We can do pick-ups if geographically possible but you will need to ask.

Yes. Fine with us. Some bars and clubs can be a little wary, especially in London where they are dead snooty. You can ask our advice but on the bus: no problem.

Not at all. If you want to arrange something a little bit risque for your main squeeze, we can certainly help. We (or rather they) do half strips and full strips. Costs are appropriately different. We can also ask for them in all sorts of disguises — firemen, etc etc.

Yes for the bar tours, it is naturally enough 18 years. Some London clubs dont allow under 21 but you can ask. But definately nobody under 18 will get into a bar or club. On which note. don’t forget photo ID if you are young, gorgeous, fresh-faced.

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Yes. We call them the cabin crew and they are there primarily to make sure you have a good time and also for your safety.

We usually have a location for pick up, such as a bar or restaurant if you are having the meal before the tour. Our crew come in and find you. You don’t need to worry that we will leave without you. The crew manager has the phone number for each group so that if he does not find you, he can give you a call to locate you.

We can arrange a meal before the tour starts and we pick you up directly from the restaurant. This means that you start the night with a full stomach which is always a good thing! The meal is usually something like an italian and caters for veg as well as non-veg.

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