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Cheap Travel from Paris to London by Eurolines Coach

How to get to London from Paris with Eurolines/National Express UK Buses

Updated September 2011

You can get from Paris to London Victoria (or London to Paris) by taking the regular National Express UK .

How long does it take to get from London to Paris by bus?

It takes between 8 hours and 10 hours to get from London to Paris on a direct bus depending on the departure chosen. On the return Paris to London route it takes between 6 hours 30 minutes to 8 hours fifteen minutes. Some of the departures go via Charles De Gaulle airport which are the ones that take slightly longer.

Timetables and Eurolines tickets for

How much does it cost to get from Paris to London with Eurolines?

We cross checked several dates on different days of the week and the cheapest direct London-Paris coach ticket we could find was £25 for a single ticket and £35 for a return ticket.

Note. Eurolines routes from UK are operated by National Express. Book either through National Express website.

Cheapest way to get from London to Paris France?

You can get from London to Paris on the fast Eurostar train (the most popular option) or by flying as an alternative. However, travelling by Eurolines National Express coach is the cheapest way of getting from London to Paris although it does take longer. It is also less harmful to the environment than taking a plane.

  • A non flexible train ticket on the Eurostar costs between around £69 to over £300 for a return ticket and the journey takes between 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 25 minutes. The cheapest tickets were for journeys booked well in advance.
  • The cost of a flight to Paris varies widely but you can expect to pay between £100 and £200 pounds on short notice. Although it is only a short flight, you also have the hassle and cost of getting to and from the airport..
  • Although the journey by coach takes the longest, there is free WiFi on board and you can watch DVDs.
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Coach Times from London Victoria to Paris Gallieni

This is a frequent direct service with buses leaving from London Victoria Coach Station up to six times a day.

First and last coaches from London to Paris

There are usually five or six buses connecting Paris to London daily, including on weekends.

First coaches

The first coach leaves London at 08:00 in the morПing and arrives at the Eurolines terminal at Paris Gallieni at 16:30 in the afternoon.

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