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Baja California Vacation Rentals — Lodging in Mexico

The uniqueness of a vacation experience drives many of us to travel. Baja California, Mexico, is that unique place. A peninsula between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean, is composed of almost every type of terrain, from seas to deserts to tropics to mountains. Lodging in vacation rentals like condos and homes dapple this land and go beyond your expectations and quality of life, so that you don’t have to deal with those elements and still have the best vacation possible. Lodging can be found in abundance in Baja California, Mexico. They should not only keep you comfortable among the different lands, seas, skies, in the geography of Baja, but should also make the attractions you seek more accessible. In different vacation destinations, you can find many tourist attractions. In Tijuana, don’t miss the bullfights at El Toreo. Listen to the Grateful Dead song, Mexicali Blues, as you ride into Mexicali; and check out some of the local theatres. The El Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve is the largest in Latin America. Take a tour of it in Bahia Asuncion. Hot springs, white beaches and no crowds is what you’ll find if escaping is what attracts you at the head towards East Cape. What ultimately bring in the visitors are the beaches. There is no shortage of sand, wind, and sun, so you can survey a little and find your niche among the scrolling beaches.

Many Tourist Attractions in Baja California

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