camera london live

(Transport for London are currently doing maintenance on their camera network — this means there maybe problems with some of the cams temporarily.)

These links open in a new browser — press refresh to update the picture.

(Pictures are updated about every 10minutes)

River Thames — View up river towards Millennium Wheel & Westminster. BlackFriars Railway bridge in foreground, with Waterloo and then Westminster bridges in background. Tall office building in centre of cam is Millbank tower which is located near the Tate Gallery. This camera is located on the BBC Building called Bush House which is located in the City near St. Paul’s and Mansion House.

Busy Portman Street — A typical London Street. This street is one way and nearly always shielded from direct sunlight because of the tall buildings, some of which where built in 1800’s. This street scene could be in New York, see the people and shops, and the trees growing in the pavements, between the buildings?

Leicester Square Camera — You may see close-ups of suspicious people when the police are using this camera or you may see nice views of the Leicester Square area. This is near Covent Gdn and Famous Empire Nightclub and Cinema. ( This camera is used by the London Authorities very often!)

Oxford St. — View up the famous shopping street crossing Tottenham Court Road. Tottenham Court Road, which is popular now for it’s computer shops, is another famous shopping area in London.

Chelsea Bridge/Embankment — View across this famous bridge,and along embankment. Location is up river towards Chelsea hospital where the Chelsea Flower show is held every year.

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Piccadilly Circus — Camera at Piccadilly Circus. The well known ‘neon’ advertising hoardings and buildings around this famous part of London. Statue of Eros is located just to the right of this camera.

Oxford Circus — At Oxford Circus, near Oxford Street. This cam shows London traffic and buildings around this famous shopping area of London.

Trafalgar Square — which shows London traffic in & around Nelson’s Column in this famous part of London. Camera is not always working as there are lots of improvements being мейд to Trafalgar Square. (No longer a square actually but a Peninsular).

camera london live HYDE PARK CORNER this cam shows the north of Park Lane — this area was once called Tyburn and is where the famous public hangings where performed in medieval times!

camera london live Parliment Square & Westminster — This cam show Parliment and the Westminster Tower (Big Ben) areas.

camera london live Beautiful Albert Bridge — this bridge is particulary nice at night as it is lighted.

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