croatia passport requirements

The Schengen Agreement

All European Union member states except the UK, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania have eliminated border controls for travel inside Europe, meaПing you do not need a passport to travel between «Schengen Area» countries. You still need passports to travel into Europe, or into the Schengen Area countries from outside, however. Similarly, a passport is required when leaving Europe, including within the Schengen Area.


Each European Union member state produces its own passports but they all bear certain similarities as part of the harmonization process. Covers must identify the document as a European Union passport, while the «Personal Details» page must list the bearer’s name; date of birth; nationality; sex; and place of birth. All passports must present this information in English and French, although they may also bear the Member State’s national language as well.


You will need a valid passport to travel in Europe but the term «valid» can be misleading. On top of covering you until the day you leave, the European Union requires three months of extra validity on the passports of non-EU citizens. This is to allow for potential delays and other setbacks. EU citizens do not require extra validity.

ID Cards


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