diary london

Today it was so far to leave Pliezhausen and the family for a week and say hello to London.

Before we started to drive in 2 busses to London, we said goodbye to our families.

At 5:00 am we started to travel to London.

Our first goal was the harbour Calais in France.

At the trip to Aachen, Belgien and France, we sleeped, sang, read and played games ten hours. As the arrived at the harbour we had to wait 40 minutes for the ship. Now we had 90 minutes time to do what we want to do.

At first we went to the top of the ship in order to snatch fresh sea air or for other to smoke. Later Sarah and I wanted to buy something to drink but it was too expensive and we bought three packings M&Ms.

We set us at a table, ate our M&Ms and talked.

After 90 minutes shipping we changed on the bus. After three hours we arrived in Morden!

As we arrived with our bus in the Rick-up there were our guest families.

One after the other was called to go to their guest family.

But Sarah, Denise and I didn’t find our guest family, after 40 minutes we went to Mr. Schmid. He told us that our family declined.

So we got a other Family, a old friendly woman. Next to her lives her daughter with her man, son, 2 dogs and a papagai who can sing the French national anthem. Joyce showed us our rooms. Later she called us to come down to eat. Hamburger with Chips.

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After eat the grandson came to us and played a game called Twist Ball with us.

He told us that he is a little actor. He acted in the film High School musical 2. After that I took showering and then I went to bed.

Vielen Dank an alle die mir helfen. diary london

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