dombovar hungary

Dombóvár város

image by Zoltan Horvath. 5 December 2009

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Dombovar is a town in Tolna County. The town has got 21,848 inhabitants (1990 census) nearly all of them are Hungarians. One of the Official Ethnic Minorities of Hungary has got ethnic council in the town: the German. See about geographical location of the town at < > and < >:

"Dombovar and its surroundings have been inhabited since ancient times. The ancient groups of people were provided with game from the woods and fish from river Kapos and the small streams flowing among the hills. Pieces of neolithic crockery have been found (IV-III thousand years B.C.) in the mine of "U’jdombavar" brick factory. Some more valuable Bronze age fossils have been found whose name is "dombovar-szarvasdi bronze treasure". The presence of the Celts has been proved by finding some ancient coins from that age in the Kapos thicket. Significant Roman age fossils have been found in the surroundings. The existance of Dombovar is due to its position. According to some ideas the Roman Pons Sociorum may have been in the place of today’s town. The remains of a fortress from the IVth century lie in ruins under the surface near Also’hete’ny. This is the only inner fortress which can be connected to written sources. According to some theories the Roman age settlement had not only strategy functions but it was an episcopal centre as well."

Photo of current flag is at < >. Coat of arms with description (in Hungarian) can be seen at < >.

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