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farmville 2 game

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farmville 2 game Farmville 2 officially announced!!

I have started playing Farmville 2 about a month ago, but this game was officially announced only last week through Farmville 1. So now many of my old Farmville friends have started playing, some just to try out n to get the unwithers, instantgrows etc. that will be given to players who reach certain levels in this new game. I got a headstart over the rest of them coz. I got to know through this Gamesdreams forum and am now at level 12!!

I was quite anxious at first about the loading. as it was very slow with Farmville 1, but I was pleasantly surprised as it loaded very fast. There are many features on this game which I like very much besides the realistic looking animals, trees and crops. New features like making animal feed,the actual feeding of animals and seeing them produce immediately (eggs actually coming out from the chickens, milk from goats etc..) crops that grows in seconds (tomatoes in just l min. u can see them growing and ripeПing in front of your much satisfaction!), the crafting kitchen where u can make recipes to sell (also need to wait..boom! your pie is ready!!) and the market stall where u can sell all the products from the much fun collecting the coins.

There are of course a few drawbacks. like prized animals not producing, etc. but I am finding this new game a lot to my liking, am enjoying it and will continue playing..(now playing almost everyday)farmville 2 game

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