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Glass melting furnace

  • Building all types of glass melting furnaces including building new furnaces, repairing, rebuilding and modernizing existing furnaces.
  • Building and demolishing chimneys.
  • Hot sealing works on furnaces.
  • Assembling and installing dust collectors and electrostatic precipitators.
  • DesigПing, assembling and modernizing batch houses.
  • DesigПing, manufacturing and installing machines and equipments (batch chargers, firing changers).
  • DesigПing and building special furnaces for laboratories.
  • Building and modernizing of glass furnaces of GE Hungary Kft:
    • RIBBON furnace (Nagykanizsa): 1992, 1996, 2000
    • Lead-free furnace (VГЎc): 1995, 1999
    • VELLO furnace (VГЎc): 1996, 2000, 2004
    • Borosilicate (Budapest): 2001, 2005, 2009
    • Special glass melting furnace (Zalaegerszeg): 1999, 2004
    • Hot sealing works on furnaces
    • Glass drainage
    • Installing electronic boosting
    • Heating up with flue gas generators
  • Rebuilding glass melting furnace, Tokodi ГњveggyГЎr Kft 2000
  • Building glass melting furnace, FALORNI Spa, Napoli, 2001
  • Heating up glass melting furnace, Tokodi ГњveggyГЎr Kft 2001
  • Building, heating up and hot sealing works 2 glass melting furnaces, LIGHTTECH LГЎmpatechnolГіgiai KFT, Dunakeszi, 2001 and 2002
  • Building and heating up oxy-fuel glass melting furnace with electric boosting, PFLEIDERER SalgГіtarjГЎn RT, 2002
  • Rebuilding glass melting furnace, URSA SalgГіtarjГЎn Zrt, 2008
  • Repairing enamel furnace, ZALAKERГЃMIA RT TГіfej, 2002
  • Rebuilding coke oven, „Alti Forni” Trieste, Italy, 1991
  • Building coke oven, Thyssen, Duisburg, 1991-1992
  • Building pusher-type furnace, HГјttenheim, 1992.
  • Repairing cupola furnace, Winter-Werke, Stadtallendorf, 1991

Heating ups (including holding and scheduled cooling downs)

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  • flashing-off regenerative chambers (GE Hungary RT, Budapest, hard glass furnace)
  • flashing-off chimney (URSA glass wool furnace, SalgГіtarjГЎn)
  • heating up burner blocks (URSA Гјveggyapot kemence, SalgГіtarjГЎn)
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ge hungary kft nagykanizsa

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