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Puli attended the Christmas gala of Гугл Hungary

Puli Space participated in the grandiose end of the year gala of Гугл Hungary, not surprisingly as the parent company is the main sponsor of our competition. Since we were there, we brought a present too: the just completed lander mockup of our Iteration 2 / Hunveyor-15 project.

Tibor Pacher, our team leader and the lander mockup on stage.

This mockup is of course very different from the lander we intend to send to the Moon, most importantly it has no rocket engines and has a much simpler design. But in this case the intrinsic values are much more important than just the look. The main goal of this lander is to provide a starting point for the rover and the Human Base Model (and inflatable balloon with sensors) and we’ll also test some hardware and software elements of the computer system of the future lander. It’ll have to communicate with the rover and the mission control, transmit data or take pictures of the Puli fussing around it.

Proud team members with the completed frame of the mockup. From left to right: Miklos Pathy, Zoltan Berecky, Balazs Klement and Tamas Kerekgyarto.

Lorand Balazs Imre shared his experiences from the gala with us: „At the end of last year, Team Puli was honored to present it’s goals for almost 400 guests at the 2011 end of the year ball of Гугл. Present were the senior and marketing representatives of all major Hungarian corporations or the host of a popular morПing radio talkshow, Lajos Bokros, who left early unfortunately, so we couldn’t meet him in person although we really wanted to. Our table won the pre-dinner quiz too, though that wasn’t only the merit of the bright-minded Puli but of the other guests around the table as well.

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Besides the fun, a few new acquaintances, and a delicious dinner, our most important lesson was that even these smart people don’t really get what the Puli wants to accomplish. We talked about collaboration and the incredible possibility and a bar raised so high even the impressive statistics of Гугл can’t reach it. The bar was easily visible however, its edge shiПing on the sky on that eveПing too. We plan to get closer to it and also to ourselves. A man would reach to himself in the end anyway.”

We would like to thank the opportunity for Edina Heal and the members of Гугл Hungary!

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Edina Heal (country manager, Гугл, 2nd from left) and the Puli delegation (from left: Lorand Balazs Imre, Tibor Pacher and Ervin Nagy).

Laszlo Molnar & Lorand Balazs Imre

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