great london swim 2014

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Great London Swim, 30th Aug

great london swim 2014

Be part of Europe’s biggest swimming event when you swim for charity at the Great London Swim on August 30, 2014. Compare your water racing time with Olympic gold-medalists and celebrities as you test your strength, stamina and swimming prowess around London’s lively waterfront. An excellent urban adventure, the Great London Swim offers loads more excitement than your local swimming pool, offering the chance to partner up with co-workers, paddle with friends or catch a glimpse of championship swimmers as they zip by.

Cheer on the swimmers, dive in yourself for a half-mile or one mile swim, or sign up to volunteer at the summer’s most amazing waterfront event. Though not specifically a charity swim, participants have raised money for a variety of charities, and each event has specific charity partners. Have fun while raising money for important goals like curing cancer, controlling diabetes, fighting birth defects or helping out any favorite local charity.

The race sets off from the heart of London at the Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre (Millwall Docks) and swimmers take off in waves through the river, with no walls, lanes or chlorine to hamper the fun. Paddle and chat with pals or race to the finish; it’s all in the joy of participating in this amazing event while knowing you’ll be making a difference by raising loads of money for charity. Staggered starts head out between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

great london swim 2014The Great Swim started in 2008 with a Great North Swim in Windermere that attracted more than 2,200 swimmers, and today the event is billed as the UK’s biggest open water swimming series. More than 22,000 swimmers take part in five events throughout the UK.

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It’s easy to get over to the race, as plenty of public parking is available at the Isle of Dogs, and you can also arrive by bus or light rail. In 2013, roughly 5,000 swimmers took part, so be prepared for some lively crowds.

Help in the race toward a cure for cancer at this amazing urban swim, perfect for all swimmers from novices to Olympic champions. The Great London Swim has partnered up with RealBuzz to make traiПing advice available to novice and intermediate swimmers. Those interested in their placement in the race will be happy to know they will be efficiently timed, with a chip strapped to the ankle or cap of each swimmer.

Safety is a major priority at the Great London Swim, and there are plenty of kayaks and rescue boats on хэнд to assist any simmer needing help. Participants should note that wetsuits are required for the event.

If you’re interested in participating, more details can be found on their website. If you’re not the active type, then why not head down and cheer on the participants in this fantasic event. The ACE-FX team will be!

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