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Safehouses in GTA Online

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Safehouses (also known as properties ) are buildings featured in Grand Theft Auto Online for the player to purchase and inhabit. They can be used as a place to sleep, shower, watch TV, hang out with friends and more.

Like their single player counterparts. all safehouses also come equipped with garages for vehicle storage.



Players hanging out inside an apartment

Similar to GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. safehouses can be purchased by the player  after achieving Rank 5. They are mostly found in the eastern area of Los Santos and can be bought either on location by interacting with their for sale sign or by using the in-game Dynasty 8 website, where all available houses are listed. Originally, players could only own one property, but the High Life update increased the limit to two and the Festive Surprise increased that further to three.

There are three different house tiers, distinguishable by their interiors and the capacity of their garages: Low-end ones, with a garage for 2 vehicles, Medium ones, with a garage for 6 vehicles, and High-end ones, with a garage for 10 vehicles. Originally, the only available type of safehouses were apartments, but after the Independence Day Special update players are now also able to purchase low-end and medium villas in the outskirts of Los Santos and in the countryside.

When purchased, houses can be either accessed by the front door or by their garage. They can also be set as spawn points for when the player enters Online. While the appearance of interiors varies depending on the garage capacity (see interiors for more information), as standard all houses are equipped with a television, computer, multiple drinks on the kitchen, a bed, radio, shower enclosures, and closets. Safehouses with 10-car garages also include a telescope.

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Multiple activities can be performed while in safehouses, including:

  • Watching television (including entrance and garage security cameras and viewing other players)
  • Changing clothes in the closet
  • Taking showers in the bathroom (which can be used to wash the character’s blood away from their bodies after a gunfight)
  • Sleeping on the bed
  • Browsing the Internet on the computer
  • Calling in strippers after getting their number from the Vanilla Unicorn
  • Drinking any of the available drinks (wine, whiskey, green juice)
  • Smoking from bongs
  • Looking through the telescope (if the house has one)
  • Inviting friends over to hang out


There are four different interiors for safehouses that vary depending on the capacity of their garage.

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