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London, England’s capital city and UK’s largest city is also one of the world’s leading global cities. It is multi-cultural and vibrant, as well as an international capital of music, culture, education, finance, politics and trade. With its blend of historic and modern attractions, the city draws millions of tourists each year, who come to view its iconic skyline and enjoy its many offerings on the architecture, gastronomy, art, shopping and cultural fronts. Like with the now famous bus tours New Zealand. one of the most iconic ways to tour London is via double decker bus.

London’s Top Attractions

Most visitors are drawn to London for its iconic attractions that are known all over the world. These include the London Eye, which is the giant Ferris wheel by the Thames, offering spectacular views over the city. Maddam Tassaud’s museum needs no introduction, housing wax figures of celebrities from around the world. The British Museum houses some of civilization’s biggest achievements from the prehistoric age to modern times, including the Rosetta Stone, some mummies from ancient Egypt and other artifacts. The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square is famous for its European paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir, Boticelli, da Vinci and others. The Tate Modern gallery is home to modern art exhibits, and the Tower of London is iconic for its architecture and history.

London’s Top Music, Shopping and Gastronomic Offerings

London has some of the best theater scene in the world, which you can enjoy at the West End Theater. The city draws some of the best acting talent, whether in classic plays, long-runПing musicals or new productions debuting at the West End. Shoppers will enjoy Oxford Streets flagship stores, the largest European urban center at Westfield Stratford, iconic department stores like Selfridges or Harrods as well as bric-a-brac and gifts at London’s iconic markets like those at Brick Lane, the Borough Market, Alfies Antique market, Portobello Road, Covent Garden etc.

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The city’s cosmopolitan nature makes it difficult to find the right place to eat, since there are so many pubs, fast food joints, mainstream chains, Michelin starred restaurants and eateries to suit all budgets and tastes.

London’s Top Riverways and Green Spaces

The River Thames flowing through Central London reflects the diversity of the city, from the urban areas to peaceful countryside. There are river bus services and cruises on offer, as well as plenty of canals and waterways to explore at the London Docklands, the Bow Back Rivers, the Welsh Harp, and Regent’s Canal etc.

Despite its high density living, London also has many beautiful green spaces to relax in, such as Hyde Park, St. James’ Park etc. and natural reserves and ancient woodlands like Epping Forest, Highgate Wood etc. It is one of the greenest capital cities in the world, with over three thousand open spaces to let visitors and locals breathe. These spaces offer quiet retreats, photo ops, places for families to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon or winter sports.

With so many things to do in London, it is no surprise that over 16 million visitors came to the city in 2013, making it the most popular destinations for tourists in recent times. There are plenty of excellent sporting venues, a low crime rate, fascinating museums, a vibrant art and music scene and more to draw tourists. Continuing on with Commonwealth travel, the perfect continuation for your Commonwealth holiday itinerary is one of many available nz bus tours .

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