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Searching your Rome Italy Hotel is a good starting point if you are planПing your next holiday to the “Eternal City”.  Rome is also a good place to begin a journey through Italy.

Rome Italy Hotels Blog covers everything from inexpensive hostels to luxury 5 star hotels. It focuses on the best places to stay while in Rome. All pages are dedicated to offering inspiration to find a good accommodation.

Rome, “The Eternal City”

Rome, Piazza della Repubblica

Wandering through its streets is like traveling back in time through ancient Roman ruins, monuments, marvelous squares, fountains that cool the air.

There are gardens, villas, churches of all sizes where allways you can discover  beautiful paintings and statues.

Rome is the only city in the world to host a foreign state within itself.   Vatican City State.

Its history, its monuments are an integral part of Western culture. UNESCO considers that 16% of the world’s cultural heritage is present in the city of Rome.  It is quite difficult to make a precise selection of the main places of tourist interest.

Rome, the Colosseum

To visit Rome it is a good thing to walk and move the eyes in all directions. There is always something to see, especially from the top of St.Peter Basilica.

A simple thing to do to not get lost is to follow the Tiber river or take a trip on the boat.  Certainly a week is not enough to see all of Rome but it will give a taste of it.

In the eternal city every visit is a surprise. Find your accommodation in a Rome Italy Hotel before you go: it will be the base for your exursions.

There are many places  in Rome that can convey strong emotions.

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are a few examples of the wonderful places of attraction in Rome.

There is the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Vatican and its museums, other basilicas and cathedrals.

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