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Rome is situated about 15km inland from the West coast of Italy and on the Tiber River. Historically significant in every way, Rome has something to offer everybody from a history that goes back millennia with attractions ranging from great art, architecture and magnificent churches to cafes and great shopping.

Among the most famous attractions in Rome, and the one on the top of most people’s list is the Colosseum, an amphitheatre which at one time accommodated 50,000 people. The Colosseum dates back to AD 82 when the giant stadium was opened and celebrated by 100 days of games.

One other historical building which must not be missed when visiting Rome is Saint Peter’s Basilica. Built above the St Peter’s shrine, the giant Basilica was completed in 1615. For those who are fit enough to manage flight after flight of stairs, a visit to the top of the Basilica offers amazing views over Rome. Visit our About Rome section for more on what to do and where to go in Rome.

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hotels in rome italy

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