hungarian beauty

For Hungarian beauty queens, plastic makes perfect

In a beauty pageant calling itself the one competition not afraid to go with the flow, going under the knife was a requirement for the 50 contestants of Miss Plastic Hungary 2009.

hungarian beauty

Surgery was a requirement to win the crown of Miss Plastic

In Budapest, 22-year-old Reka Urban had the distinction of being selected as Miss Plastic Hungary 2009. The competition was the first beauty show requiring substantial plastic surgery in order to qualify.

Plastic surgery is not well received in Hungary, according to the website of the beauty pageant organizers.

«While other parts of the Western world take plastic surgery as an everyday treatment, Hungarians are still prejudiced against it,» it stated.

hungarian beauty

Reka Urban recieved an apartment in Budapest for taking first place

The goal was not to celebrate oversized breasts and lips though, the organizers cautioned, but to reward the beauty queens who displayed the «perfect harmony of their body and soul.»

The cosmetic surgeons of the top three contestants also received prizes for their work.

«I think this competition was long overdue,» photographer and jury member Marton Sizpal told the Associated Press.

«It is time for Hungarian women to care more about their appearance,» he said.

Urban received a new apartment in Budapest for first prize and there were prizes for the second and third place winners, as well as for the cosmetic surgeons responsible for them.

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