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85th Battalion of the Hungarian Army

image from < >, located by István Molnár. 16 July 2000

image by István Molnár. 19 June 2001

I don’t know if this flag was used. This is a flag of the Independece War 1848-1849.

"85 Honvéd Zászlóally" means "85th Battalion of the Hungarian Army"

"Éllyen a Független Magyarhon Szabadsága" means "Live the Freedom of the Independent Hungary"

István Molnár. 16 July 2000

Description From ‘National Relics — A History of the War Banners of the Hungarian: Revolution and War of Independence 1848-1849. Atlantic Studies on Society in Change No. 115.’:


The fragmented central parts of the front sheet of the banner. In the middle of the fragment there is the Baroque smaller coat of arms (the so-called Kossuth arms) without the crown and under it an inscription ‘1849/Junius 1 Napján’ (on 1 June, 1849). The coat of arms and the inscription are bordered by a wreath of wheat ears and bunches of grapes held together by a bow of blue ribbon. The inscription above the wreath reads ’85 Honvéd Zászlóally’ (85th honvéd battalion) and the one under it reads ‘Éllyen a Független Magyarhon Szabadsága’ (Long live the liberty of independent Hungary), embroidered in red. As indicated by its symbols, the banner must have belonged to an agricultural associationand must have been transformed into a honvéd war banner by the lady donating it. It was consecrated on June 1, 1849. After the suppression of the war of independence the banner was saved an preserved by Gábor Kocsis, a Szekler from Árokfalva. It was donated to the National Museum by the Rikánbeloli Honvéd Egyesület in 1894. From there it got into the possesion of the War Museum in 1936. Мейд presumably by Mrs. Rafael Benko, née Rozália Lázár in 1849. A single-sheet silk ripp embroidered with silk thread and purl, decorated with pressed and gilded silver lamellas. Size: 124 by 74 centimetres Inventory number: HTM 39/ZI"

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This picture is a well reconstruction of the original flag.

István Molnár. 18 June 2001

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