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The terrorist gang known as the Lenin Boys. pose with a victim.

The Communist occupation of Hungary (paradoxically called the Hungarian Soviet Republic ) existed in Hungary for around half-a year during 1919, following the First World War. The usurpation against the state found its leaders almost exclusively amongst the Jewish population, namely—Bela Kun. Tibor Szamuely and Jeno Landler —the only Hungarian in a position of prominence was Sandor Garbai. A brutal gang of Judeo-Bolsheviks, known as the Lenin Boys terrorised the people at the behest of the occupied government. Szamuely declared of the native resistance, using the strawman counter-revolutionaries ; «before they stifle the revolution, suffocate them in their own blood!» [1]

The leaders

Kun Bela (originally: Kohn) was a negroid looking Jew from Szilagycsehi. He was convicted in Kolozsvar because of defrauding and put into jail, he was then set free by the other Jews and became leader of the «rat revolution». He escaped from Hungary 1919 August together with jewish comrades with a lot of stolen money and gold. He later on was the killer of the Crimea island, where he killed several ten thousand victims, who had to dig their graves themselves before they were naked shot. He finished his life as a victim of comrade Stalin, however his grandchild, Kun Miklos lives in Hungary as a well payed «historian».

Szamuely (Originally: Samuel) was a hasidic Jew from Nagyvarad. He was a ruthless murder. Once in a village he wanted to hang a man, whose wife was shortly before childbirth. She asked Szamuely not to kill her husband, who stood below the gallows on a chair. He told to her: if you take out the chair from below his legs, I’ll set him free. When she did it, her husband was hanged, Szamuely told her cynically: You killed your husband now, not me.

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1945-1990 lots of streets were called after «Kun Bela» and «Szamuely Tibor» in Hungary and they were considered as heroes, martyrs of a holy purpose.

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