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Visitors that can pick any time of year to travel to Budapest should choose to go in the fall, when the temperatures are moderate, rain is uncommon and the outdoors can be enjoyed.  However, travel to Budapest can occur at any time of the year, with events going on throughout the seasons and the temperature being relatively moderate in comparison with many locations.

The coldest time of year in Budapest is the first two months of the year, with temperatures averaging about thirty degrees (F) and many days being colder than this average.  It snows in Budapest and visitors from warmer climates may not prefer this season.  Following this is a springtime period which is marked with much rain and tends to be the least busy tourist time in the area.  This is followed by the busiest time of year, summer.  The summer can actually get quite hot.  Temperatures hover around eighty to a hundred degrees, particularly during late July and throughout August, when droughts are also common. In the summer in Hungary there are heatwaves, atleast 2-3 weeklong periods with extreme temperatures. These are often followed by rainy, cool, even chilly days.

For frame of reference for American visitors, the climate is similar to that of Pennsylvania, with the typical four seasons changing gradually into one another with few sudden changes or long-term temperature extremes.

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