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Hungary-China Relations Strengthen

hungary china

«On Monday an official of Hungary’s leading parliamentary party FIDESZ said members of his government are currently in Chino-Hungarian talks in Beijing, where their priority is to lure Chinese investors to Hungary in their attempt to make Hungary the gateway to Europe for China. FIDESZ party members claim that talks have never been as successful as they are now, referring to international news reports that Hungary’s political elite have fine-tuned their relations with the Chinese leaders.

One politician revealed that the Hungarian Prime Minister was shortly due in the Chinese capital to discuss ways of boosting bilateral trade. The previous Hungarian government (led by the Socialist party (MSZP) had alarmed the Hungarian population threateПing to import 1-million Chinese nationals in their attempt to help boost the economy. They allegedly claimed that Chinese workers are at least 10-times more efficient than Hungarian workers, require no cigarette or coffee breaks.

Now the FIDESZ government, who has a two-third majority in the Hungarian Parliament, has already paved the way for Hungarian universities for an increasing attendance of Chinese students. It has also been rumored that the FIDESZ government, who once nationalized the airport (formerly owned by a Canadian company), is now looking for a Chinese investor to buy it.»

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