hungary holidays 2015

Holidays to Hungary in 2015

Harmonious Hungary

Hungary is one of the more unique European countries; an interesting background with smatterings of rich historical significance, considered one of the more prominent tourist destinations with an eclectic mix of beauty, industry and culture for you to experience during your holidays to Hungary.

Budapest is an obvious starting point, separated by the Danube River, the two halves make up the largest city in Hungary. Architecture is in many ways the pride and joy of this great city and it’s easy to see why, with oodles of buildings and a plethora of Baroque, Neoclassical and Art Nouveau structures it’s no wonder why so many see Budapest as one of the prettiest European cities going.

Larger than Life

Despite Hungary’s relatively small size, the country has a surprising reputation for having some of the largest specific aspects in Europe; among these are the largest synagogue in the world, the largest lake in Central Europe and the largest natural grassland of European territory, Hortobagy. Budapest in particular hosts a huge number of differing attributes making it one of the more enjoyable cities in the world, with parks lined with greenery, the medieval Buda Castle and a thriving nightlife, Hungary holidays are truly ideal for any type of holiday-goer.

Beyond Budapest you’ll find the second largest city, Debrecen, a hub of culture and of a certain intellectual persuasion where you will find the Reformed College of Debrecen, with accompanying museum which stores tens of thousands of rare pieces from some of Hungary’s finest minds. While there, you’ll want to check out Deri Museum, showcasing one of the biggest and best art collections in Hungary, this gem of a museum is simply a must-visit.

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Venture below the Surface

Although filled with astonishing architecture, a rich culture and deep history, each of these only scratches the surface of what holidays in Hungary can provide, quite literally. Beneath Hungary’s crust are magnificent caves which have been adapted to host in-depth tours of what is one of the most astounding sights in Hungary. Baradla Cave in particular is the largest stalactite cave in Europe, incredible eye-candy for anyone wanting to be wowed.

If you’d rather stay out of the caves then the Heviz Lake is another product of Mother Nature which is worth a visit. A geological curiosity, the lake is said to have healing properties due to the thermal heating which keeps it warm all year round. Attracting visitors every year, the lake is definitely worth a visit not only because of its said healing properties, but also because the lake is beautifully decorated with colourful water lilies, adding to the serenity and relaxing atmosphere the lake has encapsulated.

For any food aficionados, Hungary holidays are certainly for the hungry! A unique cuisine which doesn’t only include goulash, but a number of other original dishes too, will appease the appetites of anyone who’s willing to try a slightly different type of food. Zeller Bistro and Bors Gasztrobar can be located in Budapest and provide gourmet foods at bargain prices, perfect for anyone who wants to explore the country and experience the culture without breaking the bank.

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