hungary перевод


  1. Certainly, we have less international debt than Poland or Hungary and we are owed money by the Soviet Union.
  2. First, the mid sixteenth century saw an astonishing rash of woman rulers: Mary Tudor, Catherine de Medici, Mary of Hungary. Margaret of Parma, Mary’s own mother Mary of Guise.
  3. There is talk of a billion dollar stabilisation fund for Poland and a large bridging loan for Hungary. to be organised jointly by Western banks, the EC and the IMF, together with aid of other kinds — all this on top of the billion dollar package inaugurated at the economic summit in Paris in July.
  4. Moreоver, it is proposing that funds managed by the EC’s own loaПing organisation, the European Investment Bank, should be мейд available to Hungary and Poland.
  5. The plaintiffs, that is the Lebanon, Croatia and Hungary. will be anxious to see those parts of Sotheby’s evidence which had been blacked out in the documents мейд available to them, and then only shown to the court.
  6. EDF, France’s electricity monopoly, and Framatome, its state-controlled nuclear-reactor builder, are using German and Italian money to build two 900MW nuclear plants in Hungary.
  7. Among other features it contains the words of a song, possibly popular in Hungary. which contains a sentiment I have some sympathy with and shows that lateral thinking exists everywhere.
  8. In Hungary. Mr Karoly Grosz, general secretary until last month of the now defunct Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (HSWP), wants to reorganise the party and start a new Communist newspaper.
  9. He has one great ambition: to be leader of a democratic Hungary.
  10. But the Community will provide emergency economic aid to refugees from the Ceaucescu regime, notably those who have gone to Hungary.
  11. For all their bluster about foreign conspiracy, the foreigners who worry them most live not in the United States or Western Europe but in Hungary. Poland and the Soviet Union.
  12. Mr Gorbachev knows full well that, unlike his counterparts in Poland and Hungary. Mr Honecker cannot replace doctrinaire communism with appeals to nationalism.
  13. He has not missed an England match since the friendly in Hungary last May, and has scored all five of England’s goals in the seven internationals since.

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