italia 2000

Gavin Burnage, University of Cambridge

Italia 2000 is an EU-funded project to produce language learПing material for intermediate / advanced learners of Italian based round authentic video clips. One element of the project has been the development of software which incoporates digitised versions of the video clips into computer-assisted language learПing (CALL) software. This web site provides background information about the video-based software, and includes updates with results of evaluation being carried out by project partners in Dublin and Cambridge.

The Italia 2000 package was published by Giunti Multimedia (Milan), in May 1999.

Ordering: for full details contact Giunti Multimedia at tel +39 02 8393.374, fax +39 02 5810.3485, or by post: Giunti Multimedia, Ripa di Porta Ticinese 91, 20143 MILANO — ITALY.

Font download: a review of the CD has noted problems under Windows ME with font installation and audio. In an attempt to resolve the font difficulty, agbwidge.ttf is available here; it should normally be installed in the Windows fonts directory. The CD was developed before the advent of ME, however, so this solution may not always prove sufficient.

  • Pedagogy and Design
    • General Principles
    • Screen Design
      • Navigation
      • On-line help
      • Font
      • Colour
    • Advantages and disadvantages of digital video in language learПing software
    • Types of exercise, and how video is integrated into them
      • Menù Principale
      • Sub-Section/Video Review menus
      • Vocabulary: Vocabolario, I contrari
      • Comprehension: Comprensione, Dettagli, Vero/Falso, La risposta giusta
      • Dialogue: Dialogo
    • Exercise construction: notes for teachers

  • Use and Evaluation
    • Software evaluation
      • Overview
      • Dublin-Cambridge Research
    • Software in Use
      • Overview
      • Classroom language teaching
      • Follow up after video viewing
      • Preparation for video viewing and oral work
      • Distance LearПing Course
      • ListeПing Comprehension
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  • Web links
    • Oxford. Real Player video clips and on-line CALL exercises
    • Aberystwyth. Transcriptions and CALL exercises

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