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Italia Ricci

Italia Ricci in "Chasing Life" — © ABC Family

Italia Ricci Chasing Life Italia Ricci Chasing Life Italia Ricci Chasing Life Italia Ricci Chasing Life Italia Ricci Chasing Life Italia Ricci Pictures

high school and college.

When a college friend asked Ricci to be an extra with him on a movie, she was quickly "discovered" and upgraded from an extra to a featured player on the set of "American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile."

After graduating from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Ricci deferred her acceptance to law school from the University of Toronto and decided to put her energy into her new passion. Ricci was then cast in the next "American Pie" movie, "American Pie Presents: Beta House." After filming was completed, she landed representation and decided to move to Los Angeles to give acting a try.

Less than two years later, Ricci had guest-starring roles on such TV shows as Fox’s "House ," ABC Family’s "Greek" and CBS’s "How I Met Your Mother ." Those parts led to a series regular role on Disney XD’s series, "Aaron Stone ." Ricci followed that with a lead role in the smart, critically acclaimed "Secret Girlfriend " on Comedy Central.

When Ricci isn’t acting, she enjoys reading, playing video games and spending time with her toy Maltese named Daisy. She is also involved with the non-profit One Heartland that works to improve the lives of children and their families impacted by HIV/AIDS and other life changing illnesses.

Ricci currently resides in Los Angeles.

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