italy earthquake 2012

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Bologna, Italy Earthquake Today 2012 Felt in Verona, Ferrara

Posted: May 19th, 2012 in Earthquake. Italy by LALATE

italy earthquake 2012

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Bologna, Italy earthquake today 2012 could be felt in Parma, Verona, and across the region. The strong Bologna, Italy earthquake struck today Sunday, May 20, 2012 in the predawn morПing hours. No reports of injuries have yet to be detailed by local news.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake today struck Northern Italy. USGS reports to news that the quake erupted shortly after 4 am local time. The quake, however, had virtually no depth. USGS indicates to news that the quake had an epicenter centered only six miles below the earth’s surface. As a result, the quake could be felt across the region.

USGS indicates to news that the quake erupted twenty-two miles northwest of Bologna. The quake was forty-four miles east of Parma and virtually the same distance south of Verona. The quake was also eighty-eight miles northwest of San Marino.

Mapping indicates that the quake was located closest to the towns of San Felice sul Panaro, Finale Emilia, Composanto and Dodici Morelli. USGS indicates to news that the quake was centered in a densely populated region, west of Ferrara, northeast of Modena, and southeast of Verona.

Italy Earthquake Maps from January

Twenty years ago, more three thousand residents were killed after a quake struck Naples. In January, a strong Italy earthquake struck Parma, and was felt in Genova and Bologna. That quake was centered twenty-two miles south of Parma. Local news reports put that quake fifty-six miles east of Genova, sixty-two miles west of Bologna. The quake was also two hundred miles north of Rome.

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