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What to See in Verona, Italy

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Verona is one of Italy’s most popular travel cities. Located between Milan and Venice, Verona is known as the city of Romeo and Juliet and for its Roman Arena but there are many attractions to see. You’ll find some of them on this Verona Map and in our Verona Photo Album. To find a place to stay, check these Verona top rated hotels .

• Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe is a good place to start a visit to Verona. Originally the Roman Forum, the rectangular piazza is in the heart of the historic center and is surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings and towers. In the middle is a 14th century fountain with a Roman statue. Although once filled with market stalls, today the stalls mostly sell souvenirs. Several cafes where you can have a coffee in the morПing or a glass of wine to end the day are along one side of the piazza.

• Piazza dei Signori

• Juliet’s House, Balcony, and Statue

Verona’s most popular site is the balcony said to be Juliet’s in Romeo and Juliet. The house said to be Juliet’s house is in a courtyard off Via Capello. You can see the balcony and the bronze statue of Juliet for free (you can also rub Juliet’s breast for good luck). The 13th century house is a good example of Gothic architecture and inside is a museum with period furniture. You can also see the house attributed to Romeo’s family on Via Arche Scaligere and try traditional food of Verona, including horse or donkey meat, at Osteria al Duca.

• Roman Theater and Archeological Museum

• Duomo di Verona — the Cathedral Complex

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