italy wall decor

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The Wine, Cheese and Rolling Hills in Tuscan, Italy: Wall Decor Piece by VILD

Vild home decor introduces breath-taking images of the rolling hills of Tuscan with its beauty and splendor, with one of its dazzling wall decor products — The Wine, Cheese and Rolling Hills — Set of Two Decorative Wood Plaques.

It has amazing shades of Green, Brown, Yellow, Red and Beige. This piece of art features хэнд painted wine bottles, accented by dimensional grapes and wine glasses. Indeed, a sophisticated wall decor for a wine or grape theme.

Хэнд painted wall decor captures the full appeal of the wine-tasting experience with its faithful still life over 24”X24” three dimensional square wood piece; depicts a bottle of red wine accompanied by a wine glass and lush grape bunches, all resting on wooden tables.

This is a painting technique that creates the illusion of a three dimensional area through the use of shadows. It tricks a person into believing that the setting is actually real and makes an incredibly beautiful statement. It makes for a fabulous focal point for your home decor.

You can carry the wine theme throughout your home by displaying these decorative accents in various rooms as well as in the hallway. These beautifully hand-painted wall hangings are very easy to hang. They come with serrated sawtooth type hangers at the back which eliminate the need for precise and tedious measurements to install the wall hanging.

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italy wall decor

italy wall decor

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