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Getting a job in Hungary

Job opportunities in Hungary today are not too diverse, even if most of them do not require highly specialized skills. Although there are many companies looking for trained individuals in a variety of fields, their expectations are often quite similar.

You can barely find a job advertisement not mentioПing computer skills and a working knowledge of at least one foreign language. (These are cited even if you do not need them to do your job). The ads are also saturated by fashionable, by now overused, words, such as «team player» and «ability to work individually.» You can find these two in most job specifications, sometimes even together. At the same time, if you fulfill the requirements, most companies will still want to train you or insist on you finishing some course before you begin to work.

So, let’s say you have some qualifications and skills, and you are looking for a job. Although generally people in Hungary do not much have much money to spend, most of the job opeПings will be for sales positions. For these types of jobs you get a base salary plus a premium after each sale. If you are OK with selling things to people they do not really need, this is an easy job to find. A certain percentage of these positions is related to Multi-Level Marketing, which surprisingly still has a big number of followers.

The other important, and apparently steadily growing industry in Hungary is IT. If you have the required skills (various programming languages and experience are expected at most places), you should be able to choose from a variety of opportunities. This field could be the only one where it is relatively easy to find and keep a full-time job as a professional.

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And what if you do not want to sell anything, nor have extensive computer traiПing? Then there are very few options left, and to make things worse, they tend to be even less promising than an unsafe sales job. You would definitely have more luck with a more aggressive approach find the company you want to work for and хэнд in your CV, recommendation letters, etc. Who knows, you might even get lucky.

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