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Elias Athanasiou LemesosEstates Ltd are a licenced real estate brokerage that has been developed to serve clients by providing solutions to their real estate needs.

We have the largest selection of available properties for sale or rent.

Our team of associates are specially trained to assist you in choosing the perfect home.


There are endless investment opportunities available but real estate, being tangible and familiar, is always a safe place to start. In the long term, investing in property will bring you both financial and emotional security.

Our extensive experience with client requirements similar to yours allow us to identify and avoid potential problems and help you to find your new 'home' at the best possible price.

Our track record with purchasers, vendors, landlords and tenants, our knowledge of building quality, construction costs, lease options and rental conditions make us the right choice for your property needs.


Our abilities are highly respected in real estate circles. Clients, Landlords and brokers work with us knowing that we perform as promised.

We have developed and actively maintain a complete working knowledge of the Limassol Market place.

With this knowledge of the local market, you can be sure to rely on us to help you make any correct decisions.

We always strive to produce positive outcomes as.

. Our goal is to save you money .

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