little london bakery colorado springs

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little london bakery colorado springs

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Review for Abbeys Donuts in Florida. Added October 6, 2013

I had never eat anything like hat before is delicious.

Review for Alpicella Bakery in Idaho. Added February 24, 2013

We used to buy it at Honks and wonder if there is a new outlet for day old bread. It is the best.

Review for Bagel World Inc in Georgia. Added October 11, 2012

excellant company to work with yummy stuff too.

Review for Mama’s Manna Bakery in Arkansas. Added July 23, 2012

I had Mama’s Manna do a cake for my retirement and it was delicious. I had tasted their cake at a wedding shower and.

Review for Cakes By Judy in Ohio. Added July 8, 2012

Our daughter chose Cakes by Judy for the wedding cake and it was a piece of art and very delicious. Thanks! A job well done.

Review for Monastery Bakery in Virginia. Added May 27, 2012

I order this every Christmas for my husband he adds a bit of spirits to it and enjoys.

Review for Cake Creations in Ohio. Added May 8, 2012

I ordered a cake for my son and new daughter-in-laws informal wedding reception. My son told me he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

Review for Malones Bakery in Pennsylvania. Added May 1, 2012

They have the best rolls! When ever we have a special event, it is worth it to go out of our way to drive.

Review for Amy Joy II/Best In Town Donuts in Illinois. Added April 22, 2012

The best since I was little! In business longer than Dunkin Donuts, better than Krispy Kreme — one of Chicagoland’s best kept secrets.

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Review for Baker Boy Bakery in Montana. Added February 14, 2012

When in middle school baker boy was the place to eat lunch, well for some of us, i went for the smilely face cookies! I.

little london bakery colorado springs

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