little london barber shop


little london barber shop

I had been saving this one for a special occasion, having heard so much good press. However temptation took its toll, and I мейд a booking to get a beard trim. Even the walk to the shop was delightful, with cobbled streets and numerous lunch spots surrounding it.

The bold colours of ruffians stand out and draw you in, with cool window decals and an awesome reception area. I was greeted by my barber and a receptionist, who booked me in and led me to (what can only be described as) the king of barber chairs.

Another gentleman offered me a drink. I asked for water, and it came in a rather cool milk bottle with a straw, to stop loose hairs getting in. Genius!

Stephen, my barber, spent time and effort grooming my beard and shaping it magnificently with a cut throat razor. When done, he asked if there was anything else he could do, before spraying me with an aftershave of my choice. Top man. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt like a king leaving the shop. Not a place for the hard up gents among us, as this is not a cheap place, however I assure you that the price you pay is perfectly justifiable, in line with superb service and those little extras that brighten up your day!


27 Maiden Lane

Covent Garden



Telephone: 020 7240 8180

Twitter:  @Ruffians

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